Clients Testimonials



“I LOVED taking Pilates with Mrs. Drea! She knew exactly how to train me to increase my strength and flexibility so that I can become a better ballerina. I also like how she uses different tools like foam blocks and bands to teach us different methods and ways to improve. Mrs. Drea is the BEST and I can’t wait to take her class again!”

Shelby C.

" I’ve been taking Pilates privates with Drea for about a year now. As a fellow Pilates instructor and a PT student, it takes a lot for an instructor to impress me, and Drea impresses me with her extensive movement knowledge and her attentive, well-trained eye.  Each time I take a private with her, I learn something new about my body, and more importantly, what I could do to re-pattern my movements so that I can build a stronger, more balanced body, and be able to avoid spending time (as a patient) in the PT clinic. "

Heidi M.            

" I love working with Drea. She is very knowledgeable about the body. Her experiences from ballet training helps her to understand my needs as a ballet instructor. As a dancer, I believe I am pretty aware of my body, but Drea is still able to correct my form and body alignment so I could feel an exercise exactly where I am supposed to feel it. Through her perspective I am able to understand my own body better. Her sessions helps me increase and balance my strength, flexibility, and mobility as well as reduce my pain. "     

 Hiromi R.            

"After many yearrs of pushing my body through Marathons, Triathlons and continuing my passion for dance ( ballet and Flamenco) it was time to concentrate on working differently with the muscles and joints. The way Drea guides me through the movements on the machines and all the exercises is so helpful in maintaining and improving my strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. I highly recommend it!"

Carol C.

"At 7 am on Sunday or at the end of the day - love my new Pilates studio! Drea has a very fine knowledge of muscle anatomy and works on finding the correct balance. It's not jut core - it's all over collective movement :) Can't praise her enough for her attentions to details and fun sessions!"

Maria R.