What you need to know

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Newbie Clients
* New clients will need to fill out and sign the proper paperwork - client intake form and liability waiver. 
*During your first initial session there will be a quick postural analysis and going over STOTT Pilates basic principles. No worries! We are still moving, but we use these principles as reminders during our sessions to have more awareness of our movement of the body. 
*Wearing comfortable workout clothes and socks that are non-slip grip type of socks

* If you are not feeling well, please call, text or email to let me know and to reschedule your appointment.
*If I need to cancel due to illness or emergency, I will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule your session. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding.   
*You have up to 6 hours to cancel your scheduled appointment via phone call, text or email. Less than 6 hours or a "no show", a reduced $25 fee will be charged and deducted from your prepaid packages. If you do not have a prepaid package, please make payment at your next scheduled appointment. An invoice will be sent as a reminder and a receipt will be given once paid.  Also, this just ensures that the instructor is compensated for their time and allows for another client to fill the time slot. 

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Illness or Injury
*If you have an undiagnosed illness or injury to please seek professional medical advice before coming back to Pilates. 
*Prior to your return please provide a copy of your paperwork clearance before your scheduled session.

Studio Reminders
* Please remove shoes upon entering & wear socks or grip socks.
*Please wear comfortable clothing to workout in.
* We are a fragrance free lotion or perfume studio due to instructor having sensitivities to fragrances.
* The studio is not responsible for stolen or lost items.